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Almost all of our Weeknight Adventure Race Series races follow the same schedule. The only thing that varies is Sunset, and when you get to turn on your lights! Check the details page for each race to see sunset and end of twilight times.
Weeknight races that have Canoe Orienteering operate with a modified weeknight schedule starting 30 minutes earlier to accommodate time off-the-clock for canoe rental and return. See the individual race page for a detailed schedule for those races.
The Long Adventure Races have their own schedule, which you can find on the individual race page.

The following is the schedule for all Weeknight Adventure Races (that do not include Canoeing):

5:30pm – 6:30pm Check-in and Registration
  Check-in your team members, sign the liability waiver and receive your passport.  Be sure to check-in early so that you have time to get your gear ready before the pre-race briefing.
6:30pm – 6:40pm Pre-Race Briefing
  This is a mandatory meeting for all racers.  We will discuss details and rules of the race, provide course notes, give away free prizes, and finish-up with map handout.
6:40pm – 6:55pm Map Study
  This is precious time for you to study your map and plan your route. This will most likely not be enough time for you to make all of your navigation decisions, the rest you'll have to make out on the course.
6:55pm – 7:00pm Starting Line
  Gather everyone at the starting line.
7:00pm Start
  The race will start at 7:00pm sharp. Don’t be late.
10:00pm Course Closure
  There will be steep penalties for completing the course after 10:00pm (5 minute penalty per minute that you finish after 10:00pm). We will provide time guides on your passport to help you decide if you are running behind and may need to skip some checkpoints to get back in time.