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Krank Event's Long Adventure Races will be 5+ hour weekend races that focus on getting you out into the wilderness.  Due to the wilderness locations, races that include extended night-time adventure require teams of 2-4 people.  

Long Adventure Race Regular Course Description

Our long courses will be setup to provide a challenge to everyone who participates.

The courses will include trekking, mountain biking, and water disciplines (where possible). We will generally try to mix in as much single track trails and good off-trail trekking as we can and will see if we can't find you some great views as well. 

The courses are likely to have a {tip Remote TA::A case where you transition from one discipline to another (e.g. bike to foot) in an area that is remote from the race HQ.}remote transition area{/tip}. If we will be moving gear for you, it will be specified in the Racers Packet. You should always be ready to put your shoes in your pack (or attach them to your pack) so that you can ride to a remote location, drop your bike, put on your trekking shoes and head out on foot. Not all courses will have a remote transition area.

One of our goals is to make it possible for most people to finish. To help with this, if you need to miss checkpoints to finish before the closure time, you will not be disqualified. Rather, you will ranked first based on how many checkpoints you found and second by time. So, if you want to take it slower, just figure out which checkpoints to get and which to miss to ensure that you will be done before the course closure time.

In these races, the checkpoint locations may not be easy to find, so the challenge is to have accurate navigation. Some checkpoints may require a little bit of searching. In a section of the course, checkpoints will either be sequential or random. This will be indicated on your passport. If they are sequential, you must go to each checkpoint in the order specified on the passport. If a section of the course is specified as a random section, you can go to any checkpoint in that section in any order.

Long Adventure Race Pro-Checkpoint Description

For people who expect to finish early, we may offer Pro-Checkpoints (depending on the specific race). These are extra checkpoints that you can find at certain locations along the course. They will be identified on the passport as Pro-Checkpoints. To get credit for a Pro-Checkpoint, you must also have gotten all of the Regular Checkpoints.  The Pro Checkpoints are generally more difficult and are always optional.

As mentioned above, you will be ranked based first on the number of Checkpoints (that you receive credit for) and second by time. So, if you believe that you have spare time, then it is beneficial to go get as many Pro-Checkpoints as you can. No Pro-Checkpoint will be worth getting if it causes you to finish after the course closure, since the penalty for being late is disqualification.

Long Adventure Race Timing

On our Long courses, we will have an average team regular course time. This is usually in the race name. So, a 24hr race is planned to take at least 24hrs for an average team to finish (without getting Pro-Checkpoints). There will also have a course cutoff time listed. For example, a 24hr race may have a 30hr course cutoff. If you finish after 30hrs, your team will be disqualified. So, it is better to skip checkpoints than to finish after the cutoff. We may also have cutoff times along the course. These will generally be indicated on your passport. If you are cutoff along the course, you will be required to skip the next section of the course or to skip a set of subsequent checkpoints (to get you back on track to finish in a reasonable time).