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mannys_bikingWe are excited to announce our 2017 line-up for Adventure Races. We added an additional Weeknight Adventure Race during the summer, for 5 total!  Our biggest year yet, with 9 Adventure Races to choose from.

We're also super excited about our new Cascadia Race Series. We've partnered with Bend Racing and San Juan Island Quest to bring you the best races in the Pacific Northwest, with an opportunity to walk away with $3000 cash!

Krank 2017 Adventure Races

As a courtesy to our fellow racers, you can also check out our Pacific Northwest Race Calendar where you can see all of the navigation based and/or wilderness based races happening in the PNW this year.

Weeknight Adventure Races

The Krank Weeknight Adventure Race Series is made up of races that are designed to have a great combination of convenience and challenge. The races are all on weeknights, and are located in the Greater Seattle Area.  They are targeted to be a 2.5-3 hour duration. We also provide pro checkpoints for a little extra challenge. All participants are automatically given series points and are eligible to win the Series. You can participate in these races with teams of 1-5 people. 

Weeknight AR Series Course Description

A typical Weeknight Adventure Race course will start with a 3-5 minute mini-trek, followed by a 1 hour bike to a {tip Remote TA::A case where you transition from one discipline to another (e.g. bike to foot) in an area that is remote from the race HQ.}remote transition area{/tip}.  At the TA, you will transition to a 1 hour trekking section, after which you'll get back on your bike to return to the start location.

The courses will include trekking and biking disciplines (Union Bay event includes canoeing). For the trekking, any running shoes should work. For biking, a cross bike or mountain bike is generally preferred, as usually there will be some off-road riding. For races that only involve street riding, we will let you know you only need a road bike.

The courses may have a Remote TA. This will be communicated to you during check-in for the race and during the pre-race meeting. You should always be ready to put your shoes in your pack (or attach them to your pack) while biking.

All checkpoints (CPs) are optional, and are factored into your final score. No one is disqualified for missing CPs, only get the ones that you have time for.

Weeknight AR Series Pro Checkpoint Description

For people who typically complete the course early, we offer pro checkpoints. These are extra checkpoints that you can get along the course. They will be identified on the passport as pro checkpoints, along with their bonus time that is subtracted from your finish time.